Bandon Farmers Market

A reminder that the fortnightly Bandon Market is on this Saturday, August 26th, from 10.00am to 2.00pm.
Looking forward to seeing you there – perhaps!


4 Responses to “Bandon Farmers Market”

  1. Julian Says:

    I wish I could come along – another nuisance about having to work Saturdays! You should call in to Urru after the market on Saturday, too – Bubble Brothers’ wine expert Godefroy Baijot will be opening a few bottles and answering questions.

  2. Conor O'Neill Says:

    Dangnabbit, we’ll be in Dublin. So we’ll miss the market and the wine.

  3. Anthony Says:

    Tough on you, Conor.
    I doubt that we will finish the market before 3pm so Godefroy will probably have gone home by then! Perhaps he could slip 6 bottles of the Culpeo Cab Sauv to me before he goes?!!

  4. Farmer’s market on tomorrow » Conor’s Bandon Blog Says:

    […] Julian from Bubble Brothers also pointed out in a comment on the Ummera Blog that there will be wine tasting in Urru on Saturday too. So maybe wander down there after the market and check it out. […]

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