Mahon Point Farmers Market – Ummera will be there!

I didn’t realise until today that no one was selling smoked salmon at the Mahon Point Farmers Market; I knew that someone had been and I presumed was still.  But Ralph came back from the Kinsale market today telling me that there wasn’t any smokey fish there, so a quick phone call to Rupert Hugh-Jones, the market manager, and Ralph is on for an early start to get set up on this Thursday morning.

I don’t think that he quite appreciates the  trauma of getting to Mahon Point in rush hour from West Cork! Anyone with any tips on the rat runs please let me know!


3 Responses to “Mahon Point Farmers Market – Ummera will be there!”

  1. cwjoneill Says:

    When I was commuting to Little Island I had two tricks. The first is just to go the back way via Ballinhassig, Five Mile Bridge, Ballygarvan and then skirt around Carrigaline (hard to describe) and you come out at the top of the hill between Carrigaline and Douglas. Then onto the South Ring and Mahon is only one exit up.

    The alternative it to turn right up the tiny lane beside the new graveyard before the Bandon Road Roundabout and follow the roads in through areas whose name I don’t know until you come to the Togher entrance onto the South Ring. Much tougher and can clog up too.

  2. Julian Says:

    You know the MP market stallholders’ initiation ceremony involves throwing a house brick through one of the mall’s big plate glass windows, don’t you? They did tell you that bit?

  3. Ummera Says:

    Many thanks, Conor, for the tips; I’ll pass it on to Ralph. And Julian, I appreciate the warning! Your favourite building isn’t it!!

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