To find out all about us, please visit our main web site at ummera.com!


2 Responses to “About”

  1. brian richard Says:

    Anthony, I have met you before at a food festival in Skibbereen, the summer before last, while vacationing there from San Diego, Calif. I meant to order some of your fine products as soon as I returned home. Well, now that I have finally gotten around to it, I find it difficult to just go to a product list and order something. Every other website in the cyber shopping universe can’t wait to direct me to an order click, but all I am finding here is product and business chatter. Help me out here with a reply so I can order some of your organic Salmon in time for the clan Christmas dinner. Happy Smokey Holidays! Brian & Colleen Richard

  2. Anthony Says:

    Hi Brian & Colleen,
    Thanks for your comments about the website; they say that the maximum clicks to get to the order page should be 2 or 3; I fear we exceed that!! However, point taken and will do something about it after the Christmas rush.
    But sadly, we have had to shut our order book for this year due to ever increasing demand and a shortage of time.
    Our wish at this time of year is for 48 hours in the day, not just 24!
    But never mind, we will be only too happy to take orders in 2007!
    Happy Christmas

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